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About Cardinal House

About Us

Cardinal House is a small business based in Texas with a passion for nail art. My ultimate goal is to provide the clients with salon quality nails without the hefty price. Every set I make is hand painted according to order. I hope that with my custom nail service I can reflect the individuality of each customer. My personal inspiration for this was the price, salons typically raise the price for each nail with nail art. I don't do that. Some of my favorite day-to-day interactions happen because of cool and fun nail art; it's even better to see the reactions when they find out that my nails are press-on! I believe that nails are a form of self-expression, and I am here to help anyone embrace their individual style. I put a lot of hard work into each set so that the customer can apply custom sized and salon quality nails in 5 minutes. Now, those nails you have saved on Pinterest can become a reality for a reasonable cost.